Dig The City, Manchester’s summer garden festival and Wild Rumpus, producers of the award-winning Just So Festival invite families to Run Wild, Child, an anarchic immersive wild adventure across Manchester City Centre for a fantastical finale of Dig The City 2015.

Beneath the Manchester that you know so well, vines twist around the subterranean canals, and the wilds of Manchester live hidden underneath the streets you walk. Once a year, these wilds below creep onto the city streets, and the secrets of wild Manchester, are revealed. But only to families, who are prepared to run wild, for one short day in August.

Arm yourself with a magical map from the Information Point (Exchange Street) and keep your wits about you to meet the creatures of the wild from 10am onwards on Thursday 6th August. Discover their secrets, find your way through their tricks, mysteries and clues to discover the clandestine location and join them at their annual moment of revelry of gigantic proportions at 3pm. Families who plan to run wild should come prepared to expect anything, get muddy and, in particular, get wet.

Locations across the city will each deliver a clue. Meet bizarre beetles, bumblebees, grasshoppers and dragonflies. Look, listen, hunt, discover secret passages and even swop nature in exchange for information. Encounter surprising happenings and mysterious messages that have appeared in unexpected places. Don’t miss your photo opportunity at The Botanical Collection of Curiosities, investigate the most curious Bureau de Change and the public premiere of The Restoration Agency, a bizarre pop up theatre installation staffed by eccentric staff determined to return lost property to their rightful owners.

Rowan Hoban, Director of Wild Rumpus says “We have long believed in a secret wild world underneath the streets of Manchester. We’re incredibly excited that working with Dig the City means that we can gather the families of Manchester on an extraordinary adventure to find the creatures and secrets of the wild.”